More than 60 stores and sports centers throughout Spain.

About black tear

We are distributors specialized
in mountain products and climbing.

Direct Communication

In Black Tear we work following the feedbacks from our customers, adapting and giving support to new brands and materials, helping them to achieve a wider visualization.

Support to clients and brands

Our job is to supply gear to our direct customers, stores or sport facilities. Likewise, the brands with which we work find in us an ideal platform to enter in the market, and also as a channel for spreading their products.

A very clear way of working

We know our target and how we have to work to success. With stores, providing and delivering the items, giving diffusion of the points of sale and centering the sales in its facilities. With brands, we work hand in hand with the companies for increasing their presence in the world of climbing, with publications in specialized magazines, enhancing their visibility in social networks, creating a team of ambassadors of the brand or with their own website with domain .es to sell their products in Spain.

Black Tear Distribution
our brands

We trust our brands and they trust us.

Hard gear destined to the sport climbing and boulder, designed by the great climber and World Cup route setter Alberto Gnerro. A broad collection of products ranging from quickdraws, crashpad, ropes or carabiners to backpacks, chalk and tape.

Textile thinking to climbers and BTT bikers of exceptional quality, with customization possibility for shops and sport centers, is a reference in comfort and trend with all the details caring for quality.

Climbing equipment web with own customizable products for shops and sport centers.

Volumes of wood that undoubtedly has one of the best quality / price on the market. A very wide catalog and exceptional finishes, make this brand one of the chosen by many sports centers.

Gilmonte is one of the European leading rope brands. For more then decade we bring high quality ropes and cords worldwide

Exceptional quality polyester climbing holds and wooden volumes Czech brand that stand out with a wide catalogue and very careful designs.

One of the leading Central European manufacturers of bouldering pads. It has a complete catalogue with designs that adapt to all climbers.

Fibreglass volumes Spanish brand. The organic forms of their designs, together with their own exceptionally hard resin, give their products great durability and reduced wear.

assembly of mats for climbing walls and sports centers, with an extensive catalog, a very careful and professional work.

Climbing holds and climbing volumes being authorized manufacturer of the IFSC for both Macros and holds. It highlights a very simple and organic design, designed to give a great versatility in climbing walls for both routes and bouldering.

Climbing holds and wooden volumes with designs very different from the straight cuts we are used to seeing. Polyurethane holds with organic designs made of PU Dannamond are a guarantee of quality.

Climbing holds, fiberglass volumes and wooden volumes with a wide catalog and variety of designs, top quality finishes and very competitive price.

Polish company with extensive experience in the sector that stands out for having very tight prices with a very good quality. A first price with an exceptional value for money is perfect for making initiation routes.

Volumes of wood that stands out for having an exceptional quality at a very competitive price. Very careful details such as the place of placement of the lag screws that is reinforced with a very resistant metal bushing or reinforcements and sandblasting are highlights of the brand.